Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Next day aches

Wow, is my knee sore after all that treadmill yesterday.

Knee, meet naproxen and more treadmill today. I don't care WHAT gets sore, I won't be put off this new regimen. Any time I get tempted to slack off, all I'll have to do is remember what my Grandmom went through with diabetes. Rest assured, that's definitely enough to spur my behind right back into action.

In other news, it's supposed to break the 100 degree mark today. I walked the dog a little while ago and let me tell you, we might already be at that point. GOOD GRIEF. I'd light a candle to thank God for the invention of air conditioning, but it's too hot to light candles. ;-) It's beastly out there.

I'm down to the final 100 pages of War and Peace, so I'm expecting to finish the book today. I'm going to miss these characters after being "with" them for so long. I know a lot of my friends and family are readers, particularly the ones who visit here, so let me recommend tackling War and Peace. Think of it as a TV Season or two (or three)'s worth of following a cast of characters.

Flyers Prospect Camp will be going on this week. Good. I could use the diversion of a dose of summer hockey.

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