Tuesday, February 03, 2009

DANG. What a mess this weather is

Boy, is it ever snowing outside! It was doing practically nothing when I left for the Phantoms game.

Sometime during the game, however, Mother Nature pitched a fit. I came out to a good 3" of snow on my car, and the snow was still coming down at a good clip. It was one of those times when by the time you've brushed the last of the snow off the last of the windows, the FIRST couple of windows you cleaned need to be cleaned again.

How bad is it? I live less than two miles from The Spectrum. By the time I was 1/3 of the way home, my rear window defroster wasn't enough to keep the snow off my rear window. I drove the rest of the way home unable to see out my rear window. Fortunately, the side rear view mirror was sufficient for what I needed. Also fortunately, there was very little other traffic on the road besides my fellow fans leaving the game, and most of them were going a different way than I need to go by the time I turned off Broad Street, meaning I had no more than one or two cars behind me from then on. (And I deliberately went slowly enough to convince them that passing me would be a good idea. It works every time.)

Anyway, I'm thawing out, leaving my coat and hat spread out to dry, and making myself some hot chocolate. I've earned it.

We're supposed to get 3"-5", according to the forecast Mark heard. I'd be willing to opine that we're at or near the 3" mark around here already.

Good night! Travel safely if you have to be out in this. Otherwise, do like Captain and Stanley and just watch the Snowflake Channel on Kitty TV (aka the front window) from a nice WARM DRY indoor vantage point. ;-)

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