Saturday, May 12, 2007

OK, here's the latest:

1. I'm in the process of having my check card replaced. Card Services called ME to verify a questionable transaction that had appeared on it, and guess what? I questioned the transaction, too. So now my card is deactivated, and I can expect a new card in 5-7 business days. Arrrrgh... I hope I don't need much cash until then. If I do, I'll have to go to a bank branch and withdraw it the old-fashioned way.

2. I did hear back from the HR person at The Bank. She forwarded my resume to two recruiters at The Bank, one of whom left a message that he'd like to speak to me on Monday. So we'll see where THAT leads.

3. I'm on about fifty billion mailing lists for jobs. Which is fine with me... I used an automated resume-distributing service last year, and BOY do they ever send your information all over the planet.

However... in the past couple of weeks, I have gotten emailed notices of job openings in VA and... oh, phooey, where was that other job? I forget, but what I remember is that it was at least 300 miles from Philly. What the heck IS this, anyway? Why am I suddenly getting notices about jobs that are a 6-hour or more drive, one way? Sorry, but I'm not driving six hours, working 8 hours, then driving 6 hours to get home five days a week. Not gonna happen.

Meanwhile, I bet unemployed people in VA are getting job notices about Philadelphia job openings and saying, "What's wrong with these pinheads? Why are they sending me this?"

Mark saw Ms. Surprise Visitor kitty walking past our house, a few hours after I posted that I hadn't seen her in two days. That was a few days ago. If she's still in the neighborhood as of now, I hope someone is feeding her, since she hasn't been by here to eat anything for nearly a week. Cute little furball... I really hope that she gets adopted and spoiled rotten. Even if I'm not the one that takes her in, as long as some big softy does, I'll be glad.

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