Saturday, May 19, 2007

Mark called the roofer to find out what time he/his brother would arrive this morning to pick up the payment. Turns out they're on a job. They asked if they can come tomorrow, instead.

Darn, but they're awfully lax about getting their money for two days' worth of work! I guess they figure they know where we live. ;o)

We told them that tomorrow will be fine, but call us first to make sure we're not at church. Just watch: the way these attempts to provide payment have gone, they'll probably show up, without calling first, during the one hour we're out of the house and at Mass. If I were the gambling sort, I'd bet on that.

Mark also exchanged the ex-cable-box for a new one. To describe the current model Comcast is using as "small" is a major understatement. The previous device was the size of a VCR. The current one is slightly smaller than a steno pad. DogGONE, it's wee! I've eaten sandwiches bigger than this thing.

I wish it displayed the channel it's tuned to, and I wish it at least had an on/off switch instead of being o 100% operated by the remote. Other than that, bring on the new, functioning cable box.

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