Thursday, May 17, 2007

Eeeee, my nerves with this roof. The roofer was supposed to come on Monday. No dice; rain was predicted, so it was postponed until Wednesday. (Monday's rain never arrived. Grrrr on delays.)

On Wednesday, we had a downright monsoon, so the new roof got rescheduled to today.

They arrived on time, which is good. But it turns out they have to finish the extension above the kitchen tomorrow morning.

I can't figure out why they weren't able to finish such a small rowhouse roof in eight hours. Oh, well. Tell ya what, though -- no finish, no $$$$. They'll get the money when the kitchen extension is done. Period.

Thank God this nonsense is afoot while I'm between job assignments. If I'd had to take 4 days off from a job assignment (without pay, of course) to see that this roof got done, I'd be on the rampage right now, and most likely so would the temp agency.

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