Thursday, May 03, 2007

The good news: all 24 employees of the junkyard, where the fire is now under control, are uninjured and accounted for. As of the 11:00 news, there are no injuries.

Also, the helicopter noise has been constant, but there hasn't been a siren in quite a while.

The bad news: the wind shifted, and GOOD GRIEF, what a reek of burnt rubber suddenly came in the open front windows! I think I broke some kind of land speed record running to shut them. Holy freakin' mackerel! No wonder the cats were freaked out and both parked on top of me and one another. They probably smelled the smoke well before it started coming in the house in earnest.

Channel 6 said the stench caused complaints as far away as NE Philadelphia (!), so no wonder it's overwhelmingly nasty at a distance of less than a mile away. Whew.

I hope that in the morning, the updated news still says, "No injuries". Good night!

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