Friday, January 29, 2016

OK, whose idea was the SLEET?

What the Sam Hill? On my lunch break, I went to get a TrailPass for February. It was freaking SLEETING out there. Dagnab it. Like the 22.4 inches of snow we got a week ago weren't enough, now we get more freezing precipitation. Well, at least it's not accumulating, so that's a good thing. It's also a good thing that for only $10 more than a monthly TransPass, which allows for use for buses, trolleys, the Subway and the El, a Zone 1 TrailPass will allow all that plus access to Regional Rail trains in Zone 1. That means I can take any Regional Rail train from where I work that goes to Jefferson Station, without having to tear my hair out dealing with street traffic. From there (11th and Market), I can get a 17 bus. Given what the bus stops look like after the freaking blizzard, that ability would've been welcome this week. Some of those stops are a disaster because they were plowed in. The one at 30th and Market, where I normally catch a bus to get into Center City, looks like the Arctic tundra right now. I swear I spotted a polar bear walking through it. Unbelievable that they haven't cleared the snow mountains away from a bus stop where no fewer than six buses pick up passengers... yes, I know the whole city is a mess, and I appreciate that. But I would've thought that a major location like 30th and Market would get priority when the snow clearing plans were made. Well, it's no matter. Starting Monday, I have the option of taking the Regional Rail OR buses to get into Center City. I'm counting that as a WIN.

Another good thing: GIRL SCOUT COOKIES. :-) Like the ones I'm going to pick up when I go to Joe and Jean J's tonight. (I still work with my deaf-blind friend on Fridays, even though I've been working at my new temp job.) Gotta remind myself to hit the MAC machine before I leave here.

Hmm. Lunchtime's just about over. I'd better hit SEND and post this.

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