Wednesday, January 02, 2013

New ideas -- easier said than done

The jewelry-supply sites where I purchase my materials all send out newsletters. Today, I got a newsletter from one of them offering a class in making jewelry with steel wire. There is a HUGE gem show in Tucson every year, where there are also many classes related to gems and jewelry-making; that's where this class is being offered.

Well, I can't afford a trip to Tucson any time soon, but just learning that there is such a thing as steel wire to work with piqued my interest. That might be an interesting addition to what I make.

Ha. Good luck FINDING steel wire to buy. So far, that project has been a bit of a bust. Even the sites that list it in their catalog are flagging it as being out of stock. I'll have to keep looking. Maybe the holiday rush obliterated the stock of a lot of sites.

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