Friday, January 04, 2013

Doctor's visit

I got my bloodwork results today. Some numbers improved slightly, the ones that were in the normal range last time are still in the normal range, and one number deteriorated. My BP was great but my weight shifted in the wrong direction.

So we're attacking the issue several ways. One, with the new year, comes a new dedication to counting calories and daily treadmill time. Two, I got one med tweaked in the hopes of getting my cholesterol the rest of the way back into line. It was soooo close to being in the normal range -- how aggravating that it didn't improve that last few points, grrrrrr. Oh, well. NOW it's gonna improve, 'cause I'm going to be eating better PLUS taking a stronger med. Goodbye, last few extra points of cholesterol. You're going away. and not a moment too soon.

Oh, and I got clearance to start donating blood to the Red Cross again, yay! :-) So today had some positives in it.

So freaking help me, every freaking number on that bloodwork is going to be in the right range by the time I'm done working on it. Funky numbers are no longer to be tolerated.

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