Sunday, September 09, 2012


When Mark and I came home, I noticed that Captain and Mini, who occasionally still try to jostle one another for primacy in the "pecking order", were both asleep on the loveseat.

Yes, it was opposite ends of the loveseat. Yes, Captain was up on the back of the seat, while Mini was on the seat itself.

But just the fact that they were curled up on the same piece of furniture, and clearly sleeping peacefully (until Mark's and my arrival awoke them), without my being there as referee, is a sign of progress.

When they both sit with me on the sofa (Captain on my left, Mini on my right) as I work, I take a FURminator (anti-shedding comb) and alternately comb one, then the other, repeatedly with the same comb, without cleaning it of fur for several cycles of this combing marathon.That way, I can put each critter's scent onto the other one. It seems to be working. :-)

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