Wednesday, September 12, 2012

An interesting workday

Due to having car trouble, Mark worked from home yesterday and today. I have three part-time jobs: one work-from-home job, and two jobs that require me to be working from on site.

So we had two unusual situations arise as a result of this. First, our normal routine is for Mark to come in the door after work and find me working away on the computer. But yesterday, MARK was the one working on his computer when *I* arrived home from one of the on-site jobs.

Today, we had the work-from-home duet. Mark worked diligently all day on his computer, on the dining room table, while I did MY work in the living room. Thank goodness someone created the ability to have more than one device online at a time.

Mark's car is now back from the car doctor, so he will be able to have a normal workday tomorrow, from his workplace. The Critters will have to make do with having just Meowmy working at home, instead of both of us. ;-)

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