Thursday, September 13, 2012

More Progress. And Time Budgeting.

Captain always parks his fuzzy self next to me on the sofa when I am logged in to work. Actually, he parks himself next to me on the sofa whether I'm working or surfing for recreation, lol.

We had some additional progress with him and Mini this afternoon. I picked up She Who Is Wee and sat her tiny self right next to the cat, between Captain and me. Captain wasn't too sure about this arrangement at first, but I started skritching him and he decided it was OK to have the dog right next to him. Mini, meanwhile, didn't care WHERE Captain was, as long as she was being doted on. We stayed like this for a minute or two before I got up and took Mini for her evening walk. Only when I picked her up did I realize that she'd been sitting right on top of Captain's tail the whole time. And nobody grumped or glared at anybody else. Progress. :-)

And as for time budgeting... there's a hockey discussion board I normally like to frequent. They have some other forums that fall under the same main umbrella, including forums for other sports, one for politics, and one for miscellaneous discussions. I generally studiously avoid political forums, because on the internet, they tend to turn into toxic wastelands, and I really don't need to degrade my day with toxins.

Unfortunately, the miscellaneous forum, which I usually like to visit, has devolved into being the place where everyone wants to discuss politics. If I had thirty topics listed on my screen, at least half of them were political in nature. I think I'm just going to give that site a miss for a while. I just don't need the drama. It's a shame, because normally they're a place that I LIKE visiting. Not right now, though. Not for the past few weeks, either. I only have so much time in a day, since I have to do mundane things like eat, sleep, and work, so I'm certainly not going to spend my free time somewhere that I don't enjoy being, not in person and not online.

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