Monday, October 04, 2010

Save the Mummers and Mutts

Last Saturday, Mini had a great day. Mark and I took her to the First Annual "Save the Mummers and Mutts" fundraiser in a local park. I figured that it was raising money for two of my favorite causes: the Mummers and animal rescue. Now there's a win/win if I've ever heard of it! :-)

Lots of other people also brought THEIR dogs to the event. Mini was beside herself trying to decide whose nose to sniff first. I don't think her tail stopped wagging all afternoon.

I made a point of visiting the dog rescue tables and telling anyone who'd listen how great these adoption events are, that I met my own dog at an event just like it, and we couldn't be happier, etc. There were some people who were clearly considering starting the process of adopting some of the available dogs, which pleases me no end.

The only thing I'd tweak about the event would be to add cats, too. I know "Mummers and Mutts" has nice alliteration, but I'd like to see ALL pets in need of homes have a chance at being adopted. Too bad this isn't England, where the word "moggy" is in general use for mixed-breed cats. Then they could call it "Save the Mummers, Mutts, and Moggies" and keep the alliteration intact. ;-)

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