Monday, August 09, 2010

Mr. Softee

On Saturday, we had a group trip to Marsh Creek State Park's pool. It's the first pool I've ever seen that's got a wheelchair ramp in it. We can wheel Joe right into the pool with the chair. That's important, since his condition has deteriorated to the point where it's hard, if not impossible, for him to get in any other way anymore.

Anyway, we had Joe and Jean, Karla and Al, Joe P. and his niece, and Mark and me. Thanks to a conversation that Karla, Al, and I had during the afternoon, during which I mentioned being unable to find the Mr. Softee theme music online, Al sent me a couple of links where all or part of the song resided. Finally, someone put the song online! I've been looking for it off and on for the past few years, and as of last year, it wasn't anywhere to be found.

In any event, I set the Mr. Softee music as the ringtone on my cell phone. (For those who aren't from the Philly area, that's a chain of ice cream trucks that definitely can be found in PA and NJ, and I'm told at least some of NY state as well.)

Mark and I then took Mini to the classic car show on Passyunk Avenue, and I promptly forgot that my ringtone was changed. So I missed a call, no doubt thinking that the music I was hearing was an ice cream truck in the distance rather than my cell phone. On discovering that my dad's call had gone to my voicemail without my answering the phone, I resolved to pay better attention and reach for the phone the next time I heard Mr. Softee music.

Which, shortly thereafter, I had the opportunity to do. On hearing those first few notes, I quickly retrieved the phone from my pocket and tried to answer the call. Nothing. The music continued playing. I wondered what was wrong... until I realized that this time, it actually WAS the sound of an ice cream truck at the other end of the block.

GRRRR. Maybe I should've waited until WINTER to put this song on my phone. ;-)

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