Saturday, August 21, 2010

ARGH on distracted drivers!

As I pulled into a parking space to go to the gym, I couldn't help but notice the driver in the parked car in front of me. She got into her car, flipped open a paper-thin cell phone, placed a call, scrunched the phone between her shoulder and her ear, and started talking. In this cramped position, she backed out of her parking place while turning the car, talking the entire time.

GOOD GRIEF, lady, GET BLUETOOTH. How the bleep could anyone see their rear view mirror to back up and turn safely, while their ear is plastered to their shoulder?

Or how's this for an even BETTER idea: place the call and *don't move the freaking car* until the call is over? You're not the CEO of a billion-dollar corporation. Your time isn't THAT valuable that you need to attempt to save two minutes and start driving before the phone call is finished. And if your time WAS that valuable, you'd be able to afford a chauffeur and *never* talk while driving.


Fortunately, there were no pedestrians around to be endangered by all this. A while back, a similarly distracted guy in an SUV nearly ran me over while trying to combine talking on his cell phone, backing out of a parking spot, and turning.

I repeat, GET BLUETOOTH. Or, better yet, just don't start the freaking car until the call is over. Problem avoided.

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