Monday, January 25, 2010


Tomorrow's my mini-appointment with the hematologist. I'm getting a blood count done so he can see what my numbers look like. The next day, I have my appointment with the GI doc. The GI appointment should have been last Thursday, but on Thursday morning, his office called me to reschedule.

Geesh. I feel like I did a year and a half ago, with multiple appointments with different specialists due to the knee injury. Phooey. But as soon as we can get the source of the symptoms pinpointed, we can get rid of the problem once and for all.

Everybody's money is on the likelihood that my having taken OTC naproxin for 18 months caused a problem in my stomach. All the symptoms point in that direction. But until some tests are done to confirm that, I haven't got an official diagnosis. Hence, my crack-of-dawn appointment tomorrow AM with the GI doctor. I hope that concrete answers are forthcoming ASAP, because the agita and the extreme fatigue are both for the freaking birds.

But on to more fun stuff. I believe I posted last December that I designed a Muppet Whatnot on the FAO Schwarz site. I dubbed him Phil E. Phan and I have been gradually getting him Flyers gear to wear, along with one Phantoms hat and a Phillies hat so far. My ultimate goal is to get Phil and me some matching jerseys to wear. He was a HUGE hit at the Flyers Wives Carnival a couple weeks ago, so next year, I plan to do an even better job of entertaining my fellow fans. :-) Hence, the matching jerseys. Next time around, puppet and puppeteer are going to be an even more obvious team. Stay tuned; I'll post pictures when the items I've ordered arrive.

Oh, and I opened the box of Chocolate Cheerios today. They're great. :-) If chocolate cereal floats your boat, do try them.

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