Friday, January 15, 2010

Boy, what a difference a few weeks makes! I don't know what my current iron levels are, but being on the iron pills for three weeks has made a huge improvement in how I feel. I still get worn out at times -- case in point, after being out all day at the Flyers Wives carnival on Sunday, I needed to rest a lot on Monday. But I feel a lot more like a human being now than I have since I-can't-tell-you-when. Wow.

Having said that, I still have to see the GI doc. The likely source of the iron depletion is a GI bleed from taking NSAIDS for 18+ months. But tests still need to be done to actually prove that. However, I no longer blame a failure of my acid reflux pills for the symptoms I'm feeling. Meanwhile, staying on the iron pills is a must, because the actual source of the problem has neither been IDed for certain nor has it been resolved.

One thing's sure, though. I nap less now. Which Captain and Stanley have translated into "Mom's awake, so it's time to go get some attention." Pair of pampered critters. :-)

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