Sunday, December 06, 2009

On Saturday night, Karla and I went to see Joe in the second, and final, night of his concert with the Chorus. He sang during the first half, and was the narrator, "Bernard", during the second half. He did a fantastic job, as well I should know since I was his first "script girl" when he started rehearsing the part. Hey, by the end of that rehearsal session, I had that part of Beaker doing 9 Ladies Dancing down cold. ("Mee mee mee mee mee!") :D

In any event. Joe had a lot more than that down cold by the time the concert rolled around, and we all really enjoyed it.

But MAN. If you want to talk about "down cold", you could take a look at our local weather. The temperature has plummeted over the past few days, and Karla and I got sleeted on while we waited for the church to start admitting concert-goers. BRRRRR. Freaking weather. Someone needs to tell Mother Nature that it's still only autumn.

I had a pleasant surprise on Thursday, when I heard from the reporter who covers the Phantoms in Glens Falls. He was interested in writing a story about Philly fans who have continued to follow the team even after it left for Adirondack. We arranged a time for a phone interview, and you can read the resulting article HERE.

The article was written for the Post-Star to coincide with the Phantoms' homecoming game in Philly on Friday night. We had a huge crowd at the Wach Center (13,127, to be exact) and it was great to see a lot of fans I got to know over the years. The only thing missing was a win, as Our Heroes lost in OT.

Anyway, I just realized that it's pushing 1 AM. No wonder I'm ready to doze off as I sit here. Good night (well, morning).

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