Sunday, July 26, 2009


Yesterday, we did a couple of tours. We took the Old Town Trolley to Seaport Village, where we picked up the Seals amphibious ride. Unlike the Ducks in Philly, the Seals vehicles are recently built, specifically for tour rides.

The bay is a slightly bluer shade of green than my eyes are used to seeing (due to the Atlantic Ocean and the bay at Brigantine). We also saw lots of birds we don't see at home, like cormorants and brown pelicans... and sea lions by the dozen. :) The birthing season was a few weeks ago, so we saw a couple very young pups in the mix. HOW CUTE.

Long story less long: we not only had nice tours yesterday, but we got an idea of where to visit during the week.

For example, today we're wandering around Coronado. Pics and comments later.

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