Friday, July 17, 2009

My rescheduled hair appointment went off without a hitch this afternoon. The owner of the salon did my hair herself, as the person whom I normally go to is not there on Fridays. So I'm rid of the darn grays and have somewhat shorter hair in advance of our upcoming vacation (and the expected warm temperatures we'll encounter).

Speaking of vacation, I headed to the post office to fill out a "Mail Hold" form for our address, for the dates we will be away. Darn if the place wasn't out of Mail Hold cards. Instead, I provided the requisite info on the blank back of a "Carrier Misdelivery" card. They want your name, address, the dates to hold the mail, and notification as to whether you will come pick up the held mail or you would like them to deliver the held mail to you. So now the post office has all that, and regardless of what sort of card it's on, I would expect them to be able to take care of the matter.

Now we're sitting through one big T-storm, while the weather radio is announcing the approach of a second thunderstorm. Whoopee, Mother Nature is in Rain Mode again. Though from what I understand, all the rain we have had over the past few weeks is the reason why our temperatures haven't gone as high as usual so far this summer. The sun can't heat the ground as much when it's waterlogged, and it takes the ground a few days to dry out. However, since we have gotten rain on a regular basis, I'm thinking that the ground hasn't had the opportunity to dry all the way out. Which, given how temperate it's been lately, is fine by me. At least it's been cooperating enough to rain at night and let us have actual sunshine during the day. Sunshine is good. :)

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