Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sigh. That dratted Law of Gravity is more trouble than it's worth, some days.

Like yesterday, when I didn't notice that the sidewalk was uneven, resulting in a turned right ankle and a hard spill onto my left knee (the one with the long medical history). OW OW bleepity OW. That's the kind of mishap that was on my short list of "things I really don't need to do".

Aftermath: the ankle's OK, thank goodness. The knee's black-and-blue, swollen, and sore, but those last two symptoms could have been a whole lot worse so I'm counting my blessings. There's a difference between getting a bit banged-up and doing real damage, and thanks to my overworked guardian angel, it appears that I've done the former this time around.

Still, I'd like to file for an exemption from the Law of Gravity for a while. This falling stuff has got to go.

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