Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Today, Jean J, Joe J, and KC are heading down to the National Federation of the Blind in Baltimore.

Specifically, we're heading for their Independence Market. From this site, it looksl ike they've got every assistive device under the sun in there. I can't wait to see both the high- and low-tech items they've got to offer.

First of all, my mom has poor vision, and my uncle and one friend now have macular generation, so I stay alert for things that will help people whose vision has begun to deteriorate. Second of all, as I discovered years ago when I had to work with MINISCULE-font computer printouts on a daily basis, you don't have to have vision loss to benefit from some of these assistive devices, like full-page magnifiers. One of the best crafting tools I ever bought is a gooseneck magnifying glass; it's perfect for making seed-bead jewelry.

And third of all, I have an infinite interest in anything that helps Level the Playing Field for anyone who's got any sort of physical disability. If it's out there, I want to learn about it.

Joe J and KC have a specific set of needs even among people with vision loss, as they're both deaf and blind. Some things that are useful for a hearing blind person, or a sighted deaf person, won't be usable for either of them. But there are items that have either been adapted for dual-sensory impairment, or designed with deaf-blind users' needs in mind from the outset. I look forward to seeing what things this store offers that fit that description.

I'll be sure to take good notes and/or pics so I can blog this day properly.

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