Friday, April 10, 2009

Today is the day :(

Today is the day I have dreaded for months. It's the final Phantoms regular season home game at the Spectrum.

And I do mean DREAD. As in, the Paul Simon song whose lyrics begin with, "April, come she will" saddened me when I heard it, because I knew the end of the season was in April.

Regardless of whether we clinch a playoff berth in the next two days, I am extremely depressed to witness the end of an era in my life. For 13 years I have derived a tremendous amount of enjoyment from attending Phantoms games. There have been times during those years when I was feeling so down, nothing much else could lift my spirits or get me going, and yet even through THAT I would look forward to Phantoms games.

So, playoffs or not, I know that this season is the last season, this game is the final regular season home game, and something I've set great store by for over a decade is coming to an abrupt and unwanted end in my life. And I feel a stupendous amount of grief for that loss.

So if I'm not quite myself in the immediate future, I apologize in advance and I will do my best not to take it out on the rest of the universe. But I feel as awful right now as I've ever felt after a bereavement. No exaggeration.

This post is going to both my regular blog and the Phantoms blog, as IMO it's relevant to both.

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Eddie Gurbisz, Jr. said...

Don't feel bad, Gabey, while the Phantoms WILL move, it doesn't have to be tonight because I have faith they WILL make the playoffs, I truly believe they can AND will and if they don't, I'm proud of them irregardless!

And I know you WON'T take it out on the rest of the universe..LOL..As far as bereavement, I can definitely relate to that and believe me, you're NOT the only one, Gabey, trust me, I feel JUST like you do!

And while we may no longer play in Philly after this season, they're only going to be gone for the short term and I truly believe something GOOD will happen and the Phantoms WILL come back as Rum believes they will one day too!

Keep your chin up, Gabey! We've got a LOT to be proud of and you should be too and I am SURE you always will, because let's be honest, the Phantoms MAY be gone temporarily, but they'll be back...even if it IS in Allentown! It's BETTER than not having anything at all and I'm sure you'd agree on THAT too!