Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Have I ever got my assignment for the week!

I had my latest appointment at CareerLink today. I now have guidelines for how to re-write my resume to highlight how my experience and knowledge fits into my intended vocational rehabilitation career path.

Wheee. What's going to make this challenging is that I can use only a wee fraction of my current resume. At least I can use the basic FORMAT of the existing resume... I always like to have a template to work from. But the new vocational-rehab-oriented resume is going to contain a ton of items that are nowhere to be found on my current Professional Experience profile. The interpreting in church, the numerous AADB conventions, two NFB conventions, the volunteer work for two different statewide deaf-blind groups (both of which are now defunct), taking part in deaf-blind interpreting workshops, volunteering with the Deaf Adult literacy program... and if I sit and think some more, I'll probably come up with more items. Boy, I have a lot of writing to do! Which is a Good Thing. :o)

My next appointment is a week from today, when we'll review the results of my work.

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