Wednesday, July 11, 2007

After taking the day "off" from attending the Flyers prospect camp yesterday, due to battling a migraine, I took Imitrex last night and I'm back in the saddle today.

On my way over the bridge into NJ, my car odometer reached the 40,000 mark. It's almost too bad that I've got so few miles on such an old car. Nobody's going to believe that's the right mileage for a 1989 vehicle, but it is. It's a function of living in the city and being able to walk or take SEPTA to a whole lot of things.

Anyway, I discovered on Monday afternoon that by using the White Horse Pike instead of I-295, I can cut 1.1 miles off the trip to or from the Skate Zone. So this morning, I tried to use that technique on the way TO the Skate Zone. Wouldn't you know that I missed the fargin' turn onto Nicholson Road? The two attempts I made to backtrack (including yet another missed turn, &%^*#$) wound up making my trip here take half a mile MORE than I'd have needed, had I taken the I-295 route. Freaking jughandles! Sometimes I want to bean the person who designed some of the traffic patterns in S. New Jersey.

Anyway. This morning's practice session finished up with a nice round of pond hockey with Rejean Beauchemin (in contention for one of the Phantoms' spots) in goal. I don't know what's more entertaining than watching a bunch of adults having fun and being silly like a bunch of oversized kids, for the better part of an hour. :o) One of my fellow fans described this phenomenon as "little boys in grown men's bodies", and I have to say she makes a good point. Gotta love it.

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