Monday, March 13, 2006

So I have an appointment in the making for 3/21 at 2 PM, to talk to that other department manager about the file clerk position.

But she thinks I'm way overqualified.


I'm either overqualified, underqualified, have too much of the wrong kind of experience, or not enough of the right kind of experience.

And when it's a race to get another job in the health system ASAP before I get pushed out of this one, which could happen in a month's time because of all the sh-t that's gone on behind my back, I don't feel like I have time to waste.

If the Witches of Eastwick win the race, not only will I be out of a job, but there'll be a black mark next to my name, something I've *never* had in my life. Ever. Which might preclude my getting a transfer or staying in the health system.

I've had a migraine for thr past five hours. If I don't get carsick on the bus ride home, it'll be a miracle.

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