Saturday, March 18, 2006

Here's the start of my live coverage for today's road trip with the PPPC to Binghamton. (Pics won't be included because the Blogger Gremlins are acting up.) This could prove interesting, because I was out sick from work yesterday and my symptoms have not abated. But I've got a prescription for what ails me and I'm medicated. I'm hoping to sleep a lot in the bus, though it does have an on-board rest room so that's one potential crisis averted.

So here's hoping for all good news today. Let's go, Phantoms, 'cause tonight, the Phan Club's coming to cheer you on! :o)

Edit: Well, as you can see, there was a problem with the live posting. I couldn't get any pics to post. GRRRR... oh, well. Hopefully the issue with posting of photos via mobile phone will be straightened out. This is two times in a row that I've run into error messages when I've tried it.

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