Thursday, March 09, 2006

OK, I have officially had it with the human race.

First of all, last night I got home from a Phan Club board meeting to a call from my bank, regarding my check card. I called the 800 number, only to find that law enforcement and the FBI provided the bank with a set of card numbers that'd been part of a security breach and might have been stolen. My card fit that bill, though there's been no untoward activity relatetd to it. So I ordered a new card, which should arrive in the next several days, and provided a new PIN number to go with it. Meanwhile, the bank will scrutinize any activity that comes from said card.

So that's all a bad thing in some ways, a neutral thing in other ways, and a reminder that some people are dishonest and rotten.

How nice to have that sort of reminder the night before I came in to work today, and found out that the wheels of the Coworker Spite Machine have never really stopped turning. There is an all-out campaign, by the same three people who've driven out eight previous people in my position, to ruin my name. They've apparently been going out of their way to write to my boss's boss about everything -- if I make a mistake, even a trivial one, they email her. If THEY mess something up, and there's no precise way to prove that it was one of them and not me that caused the problem, they send an email that I did it.

So far, my boss has been sticking up for me in the face of this. However, SHE is on the verge of transferring out. God only knows who'd replace her or whether they'd join in the scapegoating... or whether they'd have their own candidate that they would like to get into the health system, so creating an opening at my position would suit their needs just fine.

So I've put my name in for another position at Neighborhood Hospital, the one where our Secondary Clinic is located. It pays a few dollars an hour less but I don't care. What's the point of earning more and spending it on TUMS and blood pressure pills? I don't need this BS. I will leave the Primary Rheumatology Practice to the Gang of Three and find myself a place in the health system that's not filled with spite.

If you see this post reasonably soon after it's written, send some prayers my way. I could find out as soon as the next few days whether this will pan out. I hope it does, because I need to get the bleep away from these people. Sooner rather than later, for my health and theirs ('cause I have the temptation to throttle some of them right now, thinking about how hard they've worked to spite me behind my back, while being friendly to my face).

I really, really have the temptation to just say "People S*CK" and go home *cough cough* "sick" right now. I honestly do. But I won't. I'm not going to screw my boss over like that, since we're already shortstaffed today.

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