Wednesday, January 25, 2006

The Rheumatology Division, at both the site where I work and our sister site at a neighborhood hospital a few blocks away, were commended for our high scores for both reception desk staff :o) and nursing staff. We got a bagel breakfast this morning.

I was quite the happy camper today. :o)

Well, I *was* happy till about mid-morning when I got an email from a fellow hockey fan, asking what was going on with Neil Little. She copied and pasted a transaction from, showing that Neil had transferred from the Blues to "unknown".

I immediately checked, the team's home site. Sure enough, there was an article that, with my extremely limited Finnish vocabulary, I could get the general gist of, though not much else.

Goaltender Bernd Br├╝ckler, a former Flyers draft pick (like Neil himself), is joining the team. Neil will not continue with the team, and his agent is seeking another team for him.

Gaah. I never expected this to happen. I worked the rest of the morning feeling like I'd been hit upside the head by something heavy.

The best I can do now is send positive thoughts and wait for answers to start coming back from the Finland forum, and from the Finnish Phantoms mailing list member. I've sent questions to both the forum and the person.

I need a major dose of chocolate milk right about now. Like a gallon or so.

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