Thursday, January 26, 2006

I haven't seen any new information yet regarding where Neil might sign next.

Heck, if it's going to take any length of time for him to hook up with a team, IMO he might as well come home. I'm sure his family and friends in Canada and the US will be more than happy to see him. And goodness knows if he showed up in the press box at a Phantoms home game, he'd be swamped by people wanting to greet him.

I remember well what happened the last time he made an appearance at the Spectrum after a long time away. It was during the playoffs of 1999, the season that he spent in Grand Rapids. The Griffins missed the playoffs that year, so he came back to Philly to be our third goaltender. I was there the first time he showed up in Bullies after a game. I don't know when I've seen a crowd that big gather that fast. EVERYone wanted to say hello. I got a big kick out of seeing that... he'd had such a rough season in Grand Rapids, that I figured it'd be a big morale boost to be swarmed by fans. Well, I hope it was, anyway! And I would be delighted to witness another response like that from fans at the Spectrum now.

In any case, all I can do is keep an eye open for any information that might crop up. Thank goodness for the internet and the ability to look these things up... I can't imagine going back to life without being online!

I mentioned the other day that the Rheumatology Division consists of clinics that are at two sites. The primary site is the one that's across the street from the main hospital that gives the Health System where I work its name. But there's another hospital, which was taken over by the Health System several years ago, a few blocks away. While the one where I work is a teaching hospital that's part of a large university, the nearby hospital where the other Rheumatology Clinic is located is more of a neighborhood hospital.

The other site has been short-staffed for a month or two now, between the fact that their nurse resigned and one of their Patient Service Representatives (the same job I do) is out on maternity leave.

Today, I was on loan to the Other Site to help compensate for the lack of staffing. Originally, I was to be there every Thursday and Friday, starting today, for the next three or four weeks. But since the Other Site's clinic has no patients tomorrow or next Friday, I won't be going over there on those days.

I have news for you -- if the PSR who's on maternity leave opts not to return to work, I would like to apply for the job. The Other Site is a lot less hectic, and from what I've heard on every count, THEIR doctors don't have hair-trigger tempers like most of ours do. They're actually understanding if someone makes a mistake, rather than jumping all over them and/or going around behind their back broadcasting how incompetent they think the person is.

We'll see. For now, I'll just do my best to make a great impression on the days when I'm on loan to Other Site. After that, what happens, happens.

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