Friday, January 20, 2006

OK, someone need to 'splain the following behavior to me.

Some person wants to send inter-office mail. They take brand-new inter-office envelope, the kind with lots of address spaces on it that's designed to be re-used repeatedly. They insert the page(s) that they wish to mail. They affix an address label.

All that makes sense. But the next step doesn't. That would be when the person glues the living freaking daylights out of the envelope flap. They do this to the point where not only do I need a crowbar to get the darn thing open, but the mail actually adheres to the inside of the envelope.

The windup is that I have a formerly brand-new inter-office envelope, that SHOULD have been reusable many more times, that's been torn open and ruined. I also have mail that's been damaged from being stuck to the inside of the ex-envelope.

I don't know who keeps making me waste inter-office envelopes by forcing me to tear them open to remove the contents. But I'm about ready to glue THEM to the inside of an inter-office envelope. I hate waste. >:o(

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