Wednesday, October 12, 2005

OH. MY. GOSH. One of our doctors brought back candy from Turkey
yesterday. They're called "Turkish Delight" and they're like
cube-shaped, soft gumdrops covered in powdered sugar.

This particular box was "mixed" flavors. One flavor was orange (the
color and the fruit). A second one, which was yellow, might have been
date-flavored, judging from the pic on the box itself but I never got
around to eating one.

The other one was pink. I couldn't ID the flavor of it, but it was very
interesting. Then someone else ate one and made the connection: "Rose!"

Rose? Rose-flavored candy?

I looked at the box. Son of a gun, the pic on the box showed a dish of
rose petals...! Even though I've had rosewater in restaurants, and had
tea made with rose petals, it never crossed my mind that there'd be
CANDY out there made with it. And I really, REALLY like it.

I looked up "Turkish Delight" online. Sure enough, it's possible to
order it online, in various flavors. I found one box that appears to be
half lemon and half rose flavored candies. I think I'll be treating
myself one of these days. SOON. :o)

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