Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Hey, all. I'm still breathing. Sorry for the lonnnng delay in
updating... this email I sent to Mark yesterday should give you an idea
of why. All identifying names have been removed to protect the insane.
Um, I mean the innocent. ;o)

What a day. An appt we were never asked to make never got made (what a
surprise) and somehow that's the other PSR's (Patient Services Rep's)
and my fault. Same dr had an illegible consult request that neither the
other PSR, our manager, one of our other doctors, nor I could read. So
we called the dr who wrote it and she got mad that we couldn't
understand it.

A patient came in and we had to request some blood test results from
[independent lab facility], who said they'd fax them to us.

Did they fax them to YOU? That's how they faxed them to US. We're still
waiting. Yet another dr is steamed over *that*. It's not our fault if
those doo-doo-heads haven't sent the doggone results yet.

Oh, and the freaking [pager company]'s system is taking many, many
minutes to send pages. Guess whose fault it is that the doctors didn't
receive their pages promptly? The other PSR's and mine. Even though
*WE* sent the pages right away, and it took eons to actually arrive and
activate the doctor's pager, we're at fault.

Good thing I've gone decaffeinated except for the first cup of coffee
in the AM. If I were caffeinated on top of all this stress, I'd be
going through the ceiling right now.

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