Thursday, December 25, 2003

Christmas Eve... and I'm glad I sat in the third row of the choir tonight at the 10:00 PM Mass. That means it's less likely that anyone saw my amusement when one of our hymns was announced as "Hark the HAROLD Angels sing". I'm not sure if the person at the microphone had a brain-cramp moment or if they genuinely don't know how to pronounce herald. In any event, I'm reasonably sure that I didn't quite keep a straight face as images of a bunch of angels all named "Harold" danced through my head. :o)

One of my sisters-in-law got me a present that, little did she know, I've wanted for EONS. See, when I was in first grade, one of my classmates had a pair of gloves where each finger was a different animal. I thought they were great, and I know my mom looked in stores to see if she could find me a pair like that, but they were nowhere to be found. Tonight, the gift I got was a pair of gloves where all the fingers are different cats. :o) Oh, I flipped for them! You can guess what *I* am going to be wearing tomorrow when Mark and I visit my parents!

I'm so glad that they make neato things like that in sizes grownups can wear. This being a baby boomer, and having nostalgia-based products appearing on the market, definitely has its benefits at times. ;o)

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