Thursday, December 03, 2015

Day 2 starts... soon

Welcome to Day 2 of my new temp job! It'll be two 8-hour days a week, in the same hospital system as I worked in 10 years ago. The start time is 8:30 from now on. So today, for the first time, I took the bus with 8:30 as my intended arrival time. And discovered a few things...

- I believe the first bus arrived 5 minutes early. Maybe 10 minutes, if you count the fact that he should've been leaving the bus's start point five minutes after he picked me up, and my stop is five minutes away from said start point. So either he was early, or the previous bus was late. 

- I made PERFECT connections. Both buses arrived right when I needed them, the weather was ideal, and there was no traffic congestion. And under those conditions, it took 40 minutes to get here. So that's now my "ideal time", and I know I'll never get here faster than that if I'm using the bus. I can plan my commute accordingly.

So now I'm sitting in the waiting room, waiting for my supervisor to arrive so I can get some work to do. I actually arrived shortly before 8 AM, so I will kill time checking email and so on.

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