Thursday, April 05, 2012

Wow. Someone's not having a good day.

So I've got The Weather Channel on, and we're getting the weather-related-news report from the presenter. Trouble is, either she's having a bad pronunciation day or she just flat-out doesn't know how to pronounce some pretty significant words.

To wit: The first three letters of Nairobi are pronounced like the surname of Bill NYE, not like the horse-vocalization NEIGH. She gave us NEIGH-robi at least twice, and I think three times, during the course of the report. (And for the record, her ethnicity is such that this error is the equivalent of my mispronouncing an Italian city's name.)

Second... The word glacier is NOT a homonym for the word glazier. They are two different words, and there is no Z sound in glacier.

I don't want to come off as a grump, but this issue has awakened one of my pet peeves: if your job puts you on national TV, and speaking words is your craft, then you need to know how to pronounce. One hopes that she's been clued in to the correct pronunciations, now that there's been a commercial break, so these slip-ups won't be repeated if she has to read those stories again in an hour.

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