Saturday, January 07, 2012

Just... wow. Really disheartening to see this...

I posted yesterday that several area elementary schools, including the one I attended growing up, are about to be merged into a regional school.

I've also posted in the past about the bullying I went through for years under that particular roof, to the point where I describe the experience as having gone to Hell-imentary school. So I'm no stranger to things like rejection, ostracization... you name it.

On Facebook, groups have sprung up to try and combat the Archdiocese's decisions. Someone who I graduated with, who is a FB friend of mine, added me to the group that's dedicated to my former alma mater. Even though I went through misery there, I let the addition stand rather than unsubscribing from the group. Which is how I managed to see this post from a former classmate of mine...

has anyone thought of when all these schools merge, that our children will have to deal with rif-rafe from other areas that were never in our school? and that they are not used to??? Who will care for them amd protect them like Patty???? I cannot understand this whole decision to merge and take us away from home????

Riff-raff? Really? Did I just see someone call Catholic school kids "Riff-raff" just because they attend school at a different parish? What if THEY treat OUR kids like they're the riff-raff? How do you think that'll make our kids feel? Are we so freaking xenophobic that we can't stand the thought of our kids associating with other children from a few blocks away?

There's a protest rally next week. I think I'll pass on attending. I can't bring myself to see people whose stance is as narrow-minded today as it was decades ago. I'm just not up to it.

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