Monday, November 07, 2011

Just a bit of catching up

On Saturday, we had a meeting of a new PA-based deaf-blind group. We also had a tech demo there. One of the deaf blind members had created a special braille device when he was at Temple University. It allows for a very large display of one braille cell. This is useful for people who have limited finger sensitivity. They can connect the device to a keyboard or computer. Then they place their entire hand, or forearm, or any part of the body over that braille cell, and read the letters one at a time. Our deaf-blind friend JEJ, who lost the ability to read braille two years ago, was able to understand the braille letters on this device. He said he NEEDS this device in order to resume reading books again. He used to read constantly and he really misses doing it. So the engineering students at Temple are going to get a list of specs in order to build a device for JEJ. God willing, this will all work out. Let us pray.

I just dictated this entire post, with a few manual corrections for some unusual words, via Siri on my iPhone. My hands are killing me right now, so typing is tough. Technology can be a godsend.

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