Saturday, October 22, 2011

On taking SEPTA to Flyers games

Last Thursday, Mark and I were waiting for the Subway train to go home after a Flyers game. Usually, the rides are uneventful. (And inexpensive. Tokens cost $1.55, so it's $3.10 to ride the Subway round trip, as opposed to $18.00 to park in the lot. But I digress.)

So anyway, there we sat, waiting for a northbound local train at Pattison AT&T Station, when I heard a plasticky clattering noise coming from the direction of the open doorway of an express train that was waiting on a nearby track. The Flyers-garbed young man who'd been standing in the doorway of the train leaned down to try and see whatever he had dropped. His companion came and leaned to see, as well.

To make a long story less long, this inebriated fellow had dropped his cell phone between the train and platform, and was quite angry about it. So much so that he began yelling profanity at top volume.

That's when the security guard told Cell Phone Boy to calm down, and after the train departed, someone would attempt to retrieve the phone. Cell Phone Boy had some snideness to voice to the guard. Which set off the extremely petite young woman who was also awaiting a local train. If cell Phone Boy was 3 sheets to the wind, Petite Female was 2.5 sheets to the wind. So the two of them got into a drunken debate, standing face-to-face like cartoon characters, till Cell Phone Boy's buddy literally picked him up and carried him bodily away from the confrontation.

Before the local train left the station, we did get to see the express depart and someone from SEPTA retrieve the phone for Cell Phone Boy. Goodness knows if it still worked. But wven if it did, seriously... would YOU put a phone up to your face if it had been on that disgusting floor of the track area? EWWWWW. I say no way!

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