Wednesday, September 21, 2011

My foray into Android

Well, I did it. I saw an EXTREMELY inexpensive Android tablet on sale at my favorite electronic store online, and I couldn't resist ordering it. You know you're in good shape when the tablet, the keyboard case, and the shipping total up to less than $100.

The only drawback is that the device is very generic and, even though it has a near-current version of Android (2.2), its half-baked version of the Android Market is less than ideal, and its native email and browser leave a lot to be desired.

So I am researching what I need to do to root the tablet. has got some methods to root the tablet and get it a more standard selection of Android apps, including the all-important App Market, plus better volume and faster performance. All for under $100. Then I'll be a well-pleased geek. :-)

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