Monday, June 27, 2011


My robo-call post was actually a digression. When the phone rang, I was actually just about to write THIS post.

You might notice that i didn't blog during deaf-blind camp. As much as I enjoyed it, it caused me some dilemmas because there are some things I just didn't know how to say. I first worked with this particular camper just over 20 years ago, and let's just say that the passage of time has been a mixed blessing. Yes, there has been substantial knowledge and experience added in those two decades. I wouldn't trade that part of the equation. But there has been a physical toll that is painful to witness, such as the progression of obviously painful arthritis. My osteoarthritis is largely under control. My camper's, not so much. I hate to see this person in pain, but that issue cropped up time and again.

Worst of all, though, was seeing probably the most brilliant individual I have ever met, or most likely ever will meet, suffering from classic signs of age-related short term memory issues. That's genuinely painful. I don't think the words exist that could adequately describe just how that hurts. Wow. Just... wow.

But I will say that we got as much out of camp as we could, all things considered, and if my camper opts to attend next year, I'll be more than glad to fill the same role for them again. Having an interpreter/guide who knows the person's backstory is probably a beneficial thing in a case like this.

Time, you farging bastage. Why do you have to be such a vandal to the body and mind? Isn't the fact that you pass irretrievably enough for you? :-(

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