Sunday, June 05, 2011

Airline update

Here's the latest on my deaf-blind friend JJ's attempt to get a reasonable accommodation from the airline. They are requiring him to be accompanied by an assistant when he flies, but are also prepared to charge the assistant a full fare.

The issue has been escalated via some disabled advocacy groups and has reached the desk of an attorney who works for the Department of Transportation. The attorney has this to say: "The bottom line is in cases where carriers disagree with a passengers self-assessment that he or she can travel alone, we require that the carrier transport the safety assistant without charge."

So it IS illegal for the airlines to attempt to line their pockets at the expense of disabled travelers or their assistants. I thought as much. I hope the airline sees this and does the right thing, and just comps the assistant's fare.

Because if they don't make a move to that effect ASAP, I'm going to start looking up the consumer advocacy reporters at local TV stations. Man, where's Herb Denenberg when we need him?

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