Thursday, May 12, 2011

Wonderful News

Today, I received a piece of wonderful news!

Longtime readers might recall that I was feeding a stray kitty for a few weeks, about 5 years ago. She was a pretty little gray-brown tabby with just a hint of orange here and there, including a distinctive orange tabby spot on her forehead. I guessed her age to be about 6 months old, and she was pitifully thin and extremely affectionate. Had I managed to convince Mark that we should adopt her, I would have named her Spirit because of that little "tongue of fire" on her head. But before I could bring Mark fully on board with the idea, she stopped coming around. Since then, I've wondered what became of her. I've feared the worst while hoping for the best, and prayed that she was an indoor cat being spoiled senseless in a loving home.

Well, this morning, I got conclusive proof that my neighbors, an animal-loving senior citizen couple, adopted her. I would know that orange spot anywhere! They saw me walking with Mini, and the wife invited me to see her kitty, who was sitting in the cellar window (which is not visible from the street). I went up to see the cat, and recognized her the moment I laid eyes on that spot. :-)

Spirit's name is now Honeybunch, a fitting name for such an affectionate purr machine of a cat, and she is no longer an undersized waif. She has filled out into a beautiful adult cat, with a very pretty face and a temperament to match.

Seeing her thriving, and knowing she's in a home where the sun rises and sets on her, absolutely made my day! I'm SO glad for her! :-)

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