Friday, May 13, 2011

Scary stuff

I was walking the dog tonight on the walking path that borders what used to be a hospital. Lots of other dog walkers also favor that path, and I've discovered that if I go out at similar times each day, I'm likely to encounter some of the same people.

Tonight, I met up with a Corgi and his owner, who was with another man walking a pair of Dachshunds. The Corgi's owner asked me, "Is your dog the one that ran out into the street?" I answered no, thank God, she hasn't run into the street.

A few blocks later, I saw a sign attached to a telephone pole. "FOUND: BEIGE/BLOND CHIHUAHUA" and a phone number to call. I felt sorry for whoever might have lost the dog, and it was not lost on me that Mini fits that same description.

On my way home, I saw the Corgi again, this time being walked by his owner's daughter. She also asked me if Mini was the Chihuahua that had been found, since she remembered seeing us on the walking path. I also got a bit more backstory from her: the found Chihuahua had been chased out into the street by two larger dogs, and unfortunately got hit. But someone took her to the vet for treatment and she's going to be OK. And now they want to reunite her with her owner.

Thank God for good people in the world. I hope they're able to find the Chihuahua's owner. But I was impressed that more than one dog-walker actually remembered Mini and me when these events took place. South Philly -- a small town in a big city. Seriously.

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