Monday, March 21, 2011

I hate having to be snarky

I hate having to make snarky posts, but I had no choice a little while ago.

After days of seeing conservative pundits criticize the President for not taking action to support the protesters in Libya, he has lent support to the UN's recently-established No-Fly Zone. At which point, a conservative person who's a Facebook friend of mine posted a critique of the President that says, "Who do you think you are, interfering in Libya?"

The contradiction is enough to make a rational person's head explode, but part of my Lent is not ranting online, so I didn't go off on the poster. I did, however, mention that the President is d-mned if he does, d-mned if he doesn't, and that until he took this action, conservatives had been lambasting him for not doing enough.

Some other conservative person, a friend of the original poster, responded, "Bah bah bah."

I was in serious danger of breaking my Lent at this point. But instead, I responded, "Yes, people who are unable to see contradictions in political situations, regardless of whether they like or dislike an individual, ARE sheep."

Farging icehole. I bet he's among the hypocrites who complained when Obama hadn't taken action yet in Libya, and is complaining now.

P.S. The critique that the original person posted the link to was from none other than Farrakhan. Never thought I'd live to see the day when conservatives would be getting their ammunition from Louis freaking Farrakhan. Maybe it IS the end times after all.

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