Sunday, January 09, 2011


I saw a sad thing today, just as I was coming home from church. My neighbor had seen a cat hit by a car on our street this morning, and feared it was one of mine because of similar markings. The unfortunate kitty did not survive the accident. My neighbot had it under a towel on his porch, and was awaiting the arrival of someone from a local rescue who was going to take the body and bury it. But he wanted to ascertain if it was my cat first, and so he called me over to see and make sure.

Thank God, it was neither my cat nor the one that my neighbor and his wife have been feeding. They are animal-loving senior citizens, and even though the cat was unknown to them, they're greatly saddened by this turn of events. (As I am, and as every other softie-for-animals would be.)

Poor kitty. He was a big, lovely gray-brown tiger cat. My heart goes out to him and, if he has a human family somewhere, to them as well. At least we know he's not suffering now, but how I wish the accident hadn't happened at all. :-(

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