Sunday, January 02, 2011

Happy New Year!

I haven't got many resolutions for the new year, but the ones I do have will be more than enough to keep me busy and improve my overall life.

For one, I plan to keep following the doctor's orders that were helping me lose weight since last July 1. Or, given that I've done someholiday "cheating" where food intake is concerned, perhaps I should say "resume" following said instructions. Either way, with the end of the holidays I won't have temptation being thrown in my path every other day, so it'll be easier to go back to the regimen I had been following.

On a similar vein, I plan to pass EVERY bloodwork before the year is out. The weight-loss regimen was initially embarked on in order to eliminate some unwanted numbers from my bloodwork. In the past few months, Per doctor's orders, since autumn I've also started taking a B vitamin and fish oil to fix my cholesterol numbers and one other med to straighten out thyroid numbers. And, of course, I expect the surgery to have been the needed correction to ensure that the Anemia from Hell never, ever comes back.

So I've got the various bloodwork numbers in mind that need to be targeted. Most of them are only slightly outside the desired range anyway, so I don't think it should take too long to get the numbers onto the right side of the line. Once I get them there, though, my goal is to get them all WELL into the desired range. There's a resolution for every last unwanted item on that bloodwork, and I am going to do whatever it takes to pass every last test. Every number on that test is fixable and will be normal before the year is out. Period.

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