Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Fan Follies

The guy sitting in front of me is so focused on keeping his arm around his girlfriend, he keeps blocking my line of sight with his head.

It is only with difficulty that I have refrained from telling them to "Leave some room for the Holy Spirit".

I hope he's not a season ticket holder. I don't feel like sitting behind this all season long.

UPDATE: Seems he was a Red Wings fan, as the only time he cheered was for a Red Wings goal. I hope that means he's not a STH. He and the g/f he was hanging all over left the seats in front of us during the second intermission. I don't know whether they left the building entirely or whether they just found a pair of seats closer to the ice. Either way, I watched the third period without having to crane my neck over and around obstacles. Hooray.

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