Saturday, June 17, 2006

Well, we're here! We arrived at about 2:30 PM or so. (When I double-check the time stamp on some photos I took, I'll have a more accurate guess-timate of what time we really got here.)

The first person I saw whom I know was Krista, a deaf-blind delegate from Delaware. She's here with a group from HKNC (Helen Keller National Center). It's good to see her again. I was hoping she'd be here.

I'm slated to work with KC (delegate) and Kathy B. (SSP, or Support Service Provider... in other words, Interpreter/Guide) again. I'm looking forward to it, as we were a good team in San Diego at the 2003 convention.

Once I went through registration, I still hadn't seen any evidence that either KC or Kathy B. was here, so I called Kathy's cell phone. It turns out that KC is with Kathy now, and they'll be arriving tomorrow.

So tonight I can be a floater SSP and just help out where I'm needed. I haven't got a set place to be besides dinner tonight, the team meeting afterward, the "Welcome" social, and then breakfast and Mass tomorrow.

Gee, I only have 5 things on my schedule between now and lunchtime tomorrow... so glad I "haven't got a set place to be", or I'd have an even longer list of appointments to keep! :o)

Kathy B. and KC will call me when they arrive tomorrow.

I'm heading to dinner. I haven't eaten since breakfast, unless you count one chocolate-covered donut at about 12:30 PM. I'm ravenous.

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