Sunday, June 18, 2006

So, it's 11:09; do you know where your fire drill is?

This campus (Towson University) is doing something we've never done at an AADB before. Well, at least we haven't done it since I began attending these conventions in 1990. We have a scheduled fire drill in all the dorms tonight.

The drill will start with building B. When they finish with that and begin letting people from building B back into their dormitory, then they will begin the fire drill in building C (my building). When we're on our way back into our building, they'll begin evacuating building D. And so on... I'm not sure how many dorms there might be besides B, C, and D. (I'm not all that sure what became of building A, either. LOL.)

In any event, goodness only knows how long it'll be until the alarm sounds in our building. So I'm sitting here typing an email while I wait for our turn to evacuate.

I've met my roommate, a nice interpreter from California who knows KC. Then again, everyone knows KC. :o) Under normal circumstances, we can't walk two feet during a convention without someone calling out for us to wait up, because their delegate wants to talk to her.

It's probably just as well that KC's not here tonight for this fire drill. She injured her back not long ago, and in fact she had to make sure that the doctor declared her fit to travel before she could make plans to attend the convention. So I'm not sorry that she won't have to drag herself down several flights of stairs to the exit.

I'll be taking my camera with me during the fire drill. That way, I'll be able to document the experience for both the blog and the photo albums that I'll be creating online when I get home. But I hope this thing starts soon, so it can *end* ASAP. I'm worn out and could really use a good night's sleep.

BTW, it's now 11:20 and I'm still waiting.
Midnight. Wouldn't you know it? They cancelled the freakin' fire drill. I could've been asleep an hour ago. Gaaaah. Good night!

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